Bentec Temperature Scanner UNX200A



Door  Frame  Infrared  Sensor

Temperature  Detector


Airport,  Customs,  Train  Stations,  Shopping  Mall,  School,  Hospital,  Hotel,  Law Enforcement, Church,  Theatre,  Museum,  Stadium,  Factory,  Exhibition  Center,  Government  Office, etc.

Product  Introduction

UNX200A is an automatic infrared temperature detector and alarm system adopting military-grade infrared technology, which can screen people who pass through the walk-through door frame for non-inductive infrared body temperature. The alarm system will be automatically triggered once a higher body temperature is detected than the pre-sett threshold. It can screen people with fever in large scale, improve the prevention and control efficiency of the epidemic, and greatly reduce the risk of infection.


Technical  Specifications

  • High precision body temperature detection and auto alarm, response time < 0.5s
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃, two infrared sensors equiped with different height
  • Safety temperature threshold with self-calibration (standard: 37.3°C, adjustable)
  • Passthrough  (in & out) counting, auto alarming with sound and LED lights
  • Lightweight and strong anti-interference, stable performance
  • Automatic self-calibration, pre-setting the alarm threshold, decrease manual operation and improve efficiency
  • Plug and play with modular design parts, easy to install and troubleshoot
  • Low rate of false alarm with cutting-edge digital signal processing technology
  • One button operation to restore factory default settings
  • International A-level measurement capability, stable working
  • Extensibility of the integration with Metal Detector, turnstile barrier gate, finger-print access control, CCTV, and ID reader ( Optional)
  • Networking management for multi-terminals with real time monitoring and data retrieving (Optional)